Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms is setting the standards for Premium grain fed lamb!
All orders are Federally inspected and cry-o-vaced for freshness!

Lamb Products offered:

Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms LLC. Lamb Loin Chops

Description: Order 6 OR 8oz chops They come 2 per package. $13.95/lb

·French Rack of lamb
Description: 6 ribs 1.75 LB avg. $14.99/lb

· Boneless Leg of Lamb
Description: 5 LB avg. and you are not paying for the wasted bone! $10.95/lb

· Ground Lamb
Description: 1 LB package $9.00/lb

· Lamb spare ribs
Description: 2 LB package $7.00/lb

Custom cut orders are also available and packaging for large families or groups!
Other Items are available upon request.
Please note all prices are subject to change.

Specification/Qualifications for Wisconsin Lamb:
· Steve inspects every lamb for quality
· 130-140 LB live weight
· Choice finish
· Grain fed for at least 60 days
· Under 10 months of age

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